Netbanking – Online Banking In Pakistan


What is Netbanking?

Net banking is an electronic payment system that allows bank customers to access their bank accounts 24/7 to make their payments and avail online services through the Internet.

Internet Banking ensures you to have easy access to your accounts and banking services, no matter where you are.

Netbanking is also known as Internet Banking, Online Banking, Web Banking or Mobile Banking

Net banking in Pakistan

Internet Banking in Pakistan has increased popularity over the last few years.

Online Banking has witnessed tremendous growth with the adaptation of internet services and increasing mobile users in Pakistan.

So the population of Pakistan become more technology literate and want to improve lifestyle using suck online services and products

According to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), a huge no, of users were registered over the past few years for online banking.

Internet Banking is a simple, trouble-free and secure internet banking service available to customers in Pakistan.

Almost every bank and some other financial institutions are giving Online Banking Services In Pakistan

Features of Internet Banking :

  • Intrabank (within) and Interbank (other) Funds transfer
  • Account Inquiries & Statements
  • Utility Bills Payments
  • School Fee Payments
  • Online Shopping
  • Loan Repayments
  • Make investments
  • Mobile Top Up
  • QR Code Pay
  • Business Payments
  • Zakat, Donation And Much More

How to Activate Online Banking?

You can activate Online Banking with 3 simple steps :

All you need is.

  1. A bank account with provides Online Banking Service
  2. Mobile or computer with an internet connection
  3. Gmail Account and Mobile Number for registration

Which Banks offer Netbanking services in Pakistan?

Following Banks offers online banking services in Pakistan :

  1. United Bank Limited (UBL)
  2. Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)
  3. Meezan Bank
  4. Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  5. MCB Bank Limited (MCB)
  6. Allied Bank Limited (ABL)

Is netbanking safe in Pakistan?

Yes. netbanking is safe in Pakistan with the proper precautions and measures.

also, FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) instructs banks of Pakistan to ensure safe internet banking in Pakistan

So you can feel safe and secure with online Banking in Pakistan until there is no security or privacy issue from your side.