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allied online banking

If you are looking for a detailed guide about Allied Online Banking, then this article is going to help you.

In this article, you can check every information, whether it’s related to Abl internet banking or Abl Net Banking as well as other essential things. So without wasting more time, let’s get started…!!

The Allied Bank is a fifth-largest commercial bank in Pakistan started in Lahore by the name Australasia Bank before the independence of Pakistan in 1942 and later became the Allied Bank of Pakistan in 1974. In Aug 2004, ownership was transferred to a consortium comprising Ibrahim Group; therefore, it was renamed as Allied Bank Limited in 2005. Before independence, it was the first Muslim Bank of Pakistan. 

Today, with its survival of over 75 years, this Bank has secure service and millions of users in Pakistan. The Bank has more than 1250 online branches and ATMs in Pakistan, which offer various new technologies to complete the needs of its users. 

What is Allied Online Banking?

Allied Online Banking or My ABL Business Internet Banking is an online banking service that offers a customer to withdraw money, control, and access his bank account from his workstation or offices at any time.

This service is available 24/7 for all the users, and if you are facing any problem regarding this, then you can call them; their help staff is very supportive of its customers. 

This online banking service allows its users to purchase any worldwide products and services. It is a fast and secure payment method to buy anything online from anywhere in the world. 

Key Features of Allied Online Banking 

The following are some of the important features which our team listed down for, so don’t forget to check it.

Services Details
Account Information Customers can easily access account details and transaction information through the internet.
Online Shopping You can also do online shopping from the top eCommerce website of Pakistan like Daraz, etc. without any worry.
Schools Payments It also allows the user to pay the school fees of her children like Beacon House, Modern School system.
Order Food You can also order food online at home, office, or your workstation via FoodPanda, etc.
QR Code Pay Customers can also make payments via QR Payment System.
24/7 Account Access Customers can easily access an account24/7 from anyplace via the internet.
Manage Credit Cards You can also manage, control your account or your credit cards at one place
Bill Management It also allows you to pay Internet Bill, Grocery Bill, and Credit Cards Bill, etc.
Schedule Payments You can also schedule your payment and transfer it whenever you want.
Government Payments You can also pay your government taxes like property tax, etc to anyone.
Mobile Top Up Customers can also top up their mobiles using this service
Donations and Zakat Also, you can donate or pay money to different zakat organizations

Allied Bank also offers myABL mobile application with all these features. So don’t forget to download it from PlayStore and AppStore as well as from Huawei App Gallery for free.

Why Should You Choose?

If you don’t know why you choose myABL Online Banking, then check the following important reasons:

Transaction Management: It also offers a transaction limited checking tool which allows it, users, to check the limit of the transaction daily so that later they could plan their transaction. Moreover, you can also check your sending history. 

Real-Time Alert: Allied Online Banking or Business Internet Banking gives you an alert when any transaction has been successfully completed. Also, if you get any problem in a transaction or any transaction wants approval, you will also be notified about it. 

Real-Time Transaction Information: With this feature, you are sure and confident that your transaction has been finally completed, and you also check your finalized balances after the transaction. 

Security: You can also set important information and approval processes for complete protection. 

How to Get Start with Allied Online Banking or Business Internet Banking

Follow the below steps carefully to start enjoying unlimited features in BIB or myABL business internet banking.

  • To start using Business internet banking, you must have an account with ABL, and also you need to register for Business Internet Banking.
  • To register, you need to contact RM with complete documents, including Board Resolution, and sign a registration form. When you finally complete registration, you will receive a User ID and password on your email. 
  • Then you need to download the “Oracle Mobile Authenticator” application on your mobile device. If you have an Android phone, then download it from the play store, and if you have an iOS device, then you can download it from AppStore for free. After installing this application, connect your phone to the internet net. Then login into the app using the User ID you had received earlier on you sign up email to receive OTP (One Time Pin). 
  • One you generate OTP successfully, you can start using Allied Internet Banking or myABL Business Internet Banking. 

MyABL App Features

Allied Bank offers myABL application, which you can download on both Android and iOS devices and provides the best services to all customers 24/7 from over the internet. Some of the key features of this application are:

  • You can log in through Touch ID on both Android and iOS devices and Face ID only on iOS devices. 
  • You can easily book the ticket and make a payment for the bus, cinema, and event tickets. 
  • Quickly view the detailed report about the transaction history. 
  • You can also buy any airline tickets using this app.
  • It also provides you a piece of detailed information about the login history of your account. 
  • You can also do online shopping and make a payment on these websites using this application. 
  • It also allows you to pay your utility bill as well as the internet bills. 
  • You can also view and download the full account statement with one click. 
  • You can also add multiple accounts on this application and also allow you to make deke any account you default one. 
  • It also has text search options that allow the user to find their favorite feature within a single click.

What are the transaction limits using Allied Internet Banking?

Following are the limits of the transaction of myABL Business Internet Banking:

  • You can transfer 250,000 Rs to any other bank account on a daily basis. You can do this in one go or a series of transactions. 
  • You can withdraw 50,000 RS per day from ATM
  • POS/Ecommerce up to 100,000 per day

Is Allied Internet Banking Safe?

Yes, Allied Bank is using a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer known as SSL, which is the security technology used by most of the banks to protect the important information and account details of their users. All the sessions which are completed between the users and bank are protected by 128-bit encryption. Not a single information has been stored in Allied Banking Computers. 

Moreover, they also use One Type Password (OTP) to give extra security and protect the user account information from stealing. 

Final Thoughts

I hope after reading this detailed article, you have in-depth knowledge about Allied Online Banking. Allied Bank uses the strongest 129-bit encryption technology to protect its users’ information online from stealing. Moreover, they also provide you with unlimited things which you can use to make your life a lot easier.

So what are you waiting for? Contact them by using the helpline below, which is given below to availing unlimited numbers of features.

Allied Bank Helpline: 111-225-225

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