Credit cards and their types of Pakistani banks

credit cards in Pakistan

Why should credit cards be used?

In Pakistan department of finance is rapidly developing, almost all banks are establishing and offering credit cards for the ease of shopping.

A person who makes a large number of transactions daily and does not want to carry cash in the pocket then the credit card will be the best solution for him.

By getting credit cards we do not have to count cash while paying any kind of bills and also it is safer to have it because cash attracts thieves and snatchers especially in Pakistan where the crime rate is very high.

Types of credit cards:

In Pakistan, almost every bank offers credit cards to make the life of their customers more comfortable.

There are some types of credit cards such as:

Discounts Credit Card:

Many banks offer different discounts and packages on some items to attract the customers it is a kind of reward for the bank customers.

This method increases sales of the stores and banks get their benefits too that is why these kinds of credit cards are called discount cards.

Rewards Credit Card:

In reward credit cards customers get some cashback in return for shopping. Customers who shop on a daily basis, this type of credit card helps a lot to them for saving funds.

Pakistani banks have different reward cards for their customers. Customers should pay attention and keep an eye on the reward credit cards of all the banks and choose the best one.

 Travel Credit Cards: 

There is a specific credit card that allows travelers different offers and benefits, the consumer can save a handsome amount through this credit card.

This credit card provides travelers more convenient and comfortable journey. It provides different discounts to travelers worldwide and people can enjoy their trip anywhere in the world. 

Balance Transfer Credit Card: 

For customer attraction, many banks offer balance transfer credit cards through these cards people can transfer the credit balance to another credit card to pay their different debts.

As an incentive credit balance transfer can be done at zero percent 0% interest rate.

 Cash Back Credit Card: 

Cashback credit card offer rewards to customers of cash in return of their spending and also this card have very low annual charges this feature make this card more attractive to consumers.

A high value will be offered on multiple spending and usage.

Credit cards of Pakistani banks:

Faysal bank credit cards:

There are four types of Faysal bank credit cards:

  1. Velocity Credit Card
  2. Blaze Credit Card
  3. Titanium Credit Card 
  4. Platinum Credit Card
  5. World Credit Card

The World credit card is the esteemed and offers luxuries all around the world.

HBL bank credit cards:

There are four types of HBL credit cards:

  1. Fuel saver credit card 
  2. Green credit card
  3. Gold credit card
  4.  Platinum credit card

UBL bank credit cards:

UBL offers three types of cards, 

  1. UBL credit card.
  2. UBL PSO auto credit card.
  3. UBL Visa Platinum. 

Platinum is the most expensive but the UBL credit card is cheapest.

Bank Alfalah credit cards:

Bank Alfalah offers Three kinds of cards:

  1. Gold credit card
  2. Titanium credit card
  3. Platinum credit card

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