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ubl netbanking

United Bank Limited (UBL) is one of the largest banks in Pakistan with more than 1400+ branches across Pakistan and Ubl Netbanking is one of the finest services in Pakistan

What is UBL netbanking?

UBL Netbanking is an Online Banking Digital Service that offers a fast, convenient and secure method of accessing UBL bank accounts on the Internet to avail internet banking services

Features Of Ubl Netbanking

Services Details
Manage Multiple Accounts Customers can manage more than one account from one place
Funds Transfer Customers can transfer funds within Ubl banks, to other banks and even can pay to CNIC number
Account Inquiries and Statements Customers can access to bank statements and information with few clicks
Bill Management Customers can manage and pay Utility Bill, Mobile Bills, ISB Bills and Ubl Bills
Mobile Top Up Customers can transfer the load to any mobile network number
Prepaid Services Customers can buy Prepaid Vouchers and top up wiz cards
School Fee Payments Customers can free payments to school, like Beaconhouse Scool System and The City School
Government Payments Customers can make payments to FBR (Federal Board Of Revenue), PRA (Punjab Revenue Authority), SECP and SRB (Sindh Revenue Board)
Online Shopping Customers can shop from any online shops in Pakistan
QR Code Pay Customers can receive and send payments via QR Code Payment method
Funds Investment Customers can open the investment account and make secure investments
Schedule Payments Customers can schedule payments their payments with ease
Purchase Shares Customers can purchase shares within minutes
Donations and Zakat Customers can Donate or pay Zakat to any Zakat organization in Pakistan

UBL also offers UBL Digital App which brings the exciting features of UBL Internet Banking on smartphones and tablets.

How to activate Ubl Netbanking?

You can activate your account through the Ubl Website, by simple 3 steps:

  • You must have a device with an internet connection
  • You must have an Active Account with UBL
  • You must have E-mail Address and Mobile Number registered with UBL

So, activate and access Ubl Online banking from anywhere anytime via the Internet

How to sign up Ubl Internet Banking by using UBL Account information and UBL Debit Card?

You can activate your netbanking through the website, provided:

  • By using Debit Card information
  • By using Account information

After choosing the option UBL Netbanking Login

  • Select the option to Register for Netbanking.
  • Provide your E-mail Address
  • Provide your Debit Card Number and PIN
  • Enter Verification Code
  • Click on Next.

After successful authentication, you will get an e-mail to your registered e-mail address with an activation link. Click on that link to activate your Netbanking account within minutes.

What Ubl Netbanking Transaction Limits?

Daily Transaction Limit is set to 1000000 PKR (1 Million PKR) by default and customers can change it from settings in netbanking account.

Transaction limit for IBFT through Netbanking is Rs. 500,000 PKR daily.

Online Shopping Details.

UBL Online Banking offers a safe, easy and secure method of payment to its customers for online shopping to the big list of merchants.

List Of Merchants For Online Shopping :

  • A Home Store
  • Bilal Brothers
  • Centraflora
  • DealToday
  • Dealsdaily
  • Dream World Resort
  • EasyTickets
  • Giftsdel
  • Worldwide Mart
  • Jules Collection
  • Freedom Books
  • Delectable Gift
  • Fundamental Books
  • Rozee.pk
  • Shopdaily
  • Shophive
  • TCS Sentiments
  • Tohfay
  • World Best Brands

How to pay for Online Shopping?

  • Login to UBL netbanking account.
  • Click on “My Payments” from the menu.
  • Select “Online Shopping” option
  • Select Listed Merchant from “Online Shopping” tab
  • Click the “Pay” button.
  • Enter the Amount
  • Enter Order Number provided by Merchant in the area of Reference number
  • Click on Submit.

When the transaction is successful the details will be sent to Merchant for the delivery of products and services

Bills Management Details

Bills management is the online bill payment service provided by Ubl Internet Banking which allows paying bills to billing companies in Pakistan

What are the requirements before paying my bills?

You need to make sure that:

  • The billing company is added in your ‘Pay Bill‘ list.
  • The amount you want to pay is under transaction limits.

How to add a billing company to ‘Pay Bill’ list?

Go to My Payments -> Bills Management -> Utility Bills and click on ‘Add Utility Bills‘ and follow the instructions, your billing company will be added.

Also, you can schedule your bill payments, by using ‘Auto Pay Bills’ option.

Funds Transfer Details.

  • Customers can transfer funds to your own accounts.
  • Customers can transfer to any other Ubl bank Account
  • Customers can transfer funds to any other bank in Pakistan

Can Funds be transfer via UBL netbanking account?

Yes, can be transferred and can also be scheduled.

How to transfer funds to anyone payee through Ubl Online Banking?

Add a ‘Transfer Funds to Anyone’ Payee to your Pay Anyone list before funds transfer. Once this is done,

Click on Add “Transfer Funds to Anyone” Payee on the UBL Netbanking service.

Then select the branch name and enter the account number.

Prepaid Vouchers Details

How to buy Mobile Top-up or prepaid voucher?

  • Login to Netbanking account
  • Click on My Payments from the menu.
  • Select “My Payments” from the menu.
  • Go to Mobile Top-up/Prepaid Vouchers tab in Prepaid Services menu.
  • Click on the buy button against the Top-up/voucher nick you want to purchase
  • To get Vouchers, select the amount you wish to purchase.
  • To get Top-up put the amount which you want to recharge on your mobile number
  • Put your comments and click Next
  • Click on Pay.

What are the limits for Mobile Top-up?

These limits are set by the company :

Company Minimum Amount Maximum Amount
Jazz 50 PKR 2000 PKR
Ufone 50 PKR 2000 PKR
Zong (Multiple Of 10 PKR) 50 PKR 2000 PKR
Telenor 50 PKR 2000 PKR

Final Thoughts on Ubl Netbanking :

UBL Netbanking is absolutely free online banking service that offers you a simple, fast, convenient and fully secure way to manage your bank accounts and provides internet banking services, like

  • Account Inquiries
  • Account Statements
  • Funds Transfer
  • Bill Payments
  • Online Shopping Payments
  • Mobile Top-up
  • Funds Investment
  • School Fee Payments
  • Donations, Zakat and much more

For more queries contact.

UBL Helpline: 111-825-888.

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